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Lino is a High-Level , object oriented programming (OOP) language, developed by Abhik Saha, and is an extension of C++ language. It is therefore possible to code Lino in a "C++ style" or "object-oriented style." Its a general purpose programming language. Lino is incredibly easy like python , cross platform like java and powerful like c++. Its build with its own Virtual Machine and LDK Systems.


Lino Cross Platform Debugger and Compiler.

Lino Virtual Machine is Incredibly build using modern g++ compiler and c++ libraries. The Platform was first built in native c++ and c# and then later shifted to Lino Codes itself. Lino Compiles in a slow but powerful cross platform executable stage.

Understanding the Process:
At first the Lino Codes or simply SSA codes are pushed to the Lino Virtual Machine , and where first the Lino Universal Computing Engine Translator(UCE) Translates the Lino code into native c++ and assembly codes, which is then pushed into the Lino Virtual Machine where its gets linked with the specified C++ Libraries and then passed to the G++ Compiler.After the process a machine executable is formed (for example .exe in windows), and the library and codes are again rapped into an encrypted lino .Pck file or Lino Packet Compiled Krypted file which contains the lino codes encrypted usign SAHA-10 Algorithms, and its then passed to again to UCE and then to Lino Machine Translator which then forms and lino universal cross platform executable using Lino LDK Com or Lino Development Kit Compiler which outputs the lino packed file into one and which can be executed any where in a lino compatible machine using Lino SSA Engine.

Author: Abhik Saha